We believe our fees are very competitive as they are based on offering a service by way of telephone, online and (for more complex disputes) a formal mediation meeting.

This includes initial contact, explaining the process and obtaining details of the dispute, all administration (by email generally), the allocation of a mediator and then arranging the mediation.

Please note that we recognise that sometimes the claim value may not reflect the complexity of the dispute.

The fees quoted are claim value based but we will be happy to consider the complexities of your dispute and, if both parties believe they do not require a long appointment, we can arrange a 1 or 2 hour slot.

These fees are inclusive of mediator reading time and the legal documents before and after the appointment.

If the parties require a face to face mediation meeting we will be happy to quote for this but costs will be added for the travelling time of the mediator and any room/venue charges

Mediation fees are split equally between the parties to reflect the even process.

Please note that mediation fees must be paid a clear 48 hours before the mediation appointment.

*These fees relate to Civil / Commercial Mediation and not for Family Mediation.


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Our Team are here to listen to you and help you resolve your family issues amicably and without spending £1000's on Solictors fees.


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It costs nothing to chat with a member of our team to assess your situation and put a plan in place.