Community Mediation

Are You Entitled To Free Mediation?

If you have low levels of income and savings, then you may be entitled to Legal Aid, in which case you are eligible for free mediation. We assess your income and capital in line with the Legal Aid Agency criteria at assessment.

To find out whether or not you are entitled to legal aid you will need to provide full details of your current financial circumstances and provide documentary evidence.

You can go through a form on the site  Legal Aid Agency to get an idea whether you might get legal aid but you will still need to provide evidence when you come to the mediation information assessment meeting. You can use this ‘Evidence Necessary for Means Assessment for Legal Aid’ checklist

To help you gather together all the evidence you will need to bring to your first mediation information assessment meeting, MIAM. If you bring all the documents you need the mediator will be able to fill in the form with you there and then.

Your eligibility for legal aid will be based on what income you have received over the last four weeks immediately before your meeting and the documents you bring to the meeting needs to evidence that. if you don’t bring the documents we may not be able to help you on that day and the meeting will only go ahead if you pay the £108 at the meeting . If it turns out you can get legal aid the £108 will be paid back to you. If you cannot pay the £108 on the day then you will need to come back on another day with the missing evidence.

Please note we generally charge a £25 booking fee to arrange an appointment for your miam. this is refunded if you are confirmed as eligible for legal aid or it can go towards paying the £108 fee (so you would pay the balance on the day if you were not eligible for legal aid being £83)

What Does Mediation Cost?

MediationMK is a not-for-profit service, dependent upon grants and clients’ fees to cover costs. However, in order to ensure that our service is socially inclusive, we charge on a sliding scale, based on your individual income.

If you are eligible for Legal Aid, there will be no charge to you. Otherwise, payment is on a session by session basis. These are as follows:

Finance, Property And Children

Assessment: £108 plus Vat per person. Mediation sessions (which usually last 1.5 hours) are then charged on a sliding scale, dependent on your individual income. These figures are based on gross income (including any tax credits, child support and child benefit) before tax.

  • Under £25,000 – £96 plus VAT per person per hour
  • £25,001 – £40,000 – £120 plus VAT per person per hour
  • £40,001 and over – £144 plus VAT per person per hour

Our charges cover the mediator’s time during the sessions plus associated work outside the meetings, provision of summaries of the outcome of sessions, and all administration costs, including phone calls, letters and communication with solicitors.

Couples paying privately can see a breakdown of all the charges according to their level of income in the document here

Charges For Additional Work

We also charge for documents produced at the end of mediation, summarising proposals, chargeable on a per person basis. If your mediation concerns children only, then we will produce a Co-Parenting Plan. If your mediation is about finances, we will prepare two documents:

  • an Open Statement of Financial Information
  • a Memorandum of Understanding (which will incorporate a Co-Parenting Plan if necessary)

The charge for producing a Memorandum of Understanding/Co-Parenting Plan is £80 plus VAT. The charge for producing an Open Statement of Financial Information is £130 plus VAT.

Listening To Young People (LYP)

  • LYP preparation meeting: £80 plus Vat per person
  • LYP children session: Free
  • LYP feedback meeting: £80 plus Vat per person


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