Complaints Procedure


MediationMK is committed to providing the best service. However, we recognise that from time to time there may be occasions when clients feel the quality of level of service provided falls short of what could reasonably be expected. In order to ensure the best possible service we appreciate all complaints or comments and we are committed to ensuring that all such complaints or comments are responded to promptly.


For Mediators and Staff

When possible the complaint should be dealt with directly and informally, providing basic information to the client, where this will not suffice a more formal process must be initiated.

All complaints must be fully recorded, separately from the client file, in the complaints register. All details must be completed including: the name of the complainant; date of notification; nature of the complaint; how investigated; outcome; any action taken and how and when the outcome was notified to the complainant.

The Service Director must decide any action following the investigation, and both complainant and the member of staff/mediator must be notified at the same time.

For Clients

Any complaint should be made in writing or by email but can be made in person, or by telephone but should in those circumstances be followed up by a letter or email detailing your complaint. Please ensure you provide;

  • your contact details, name and address and case reference,
  • identify the issues or problems as you see them,
  • ensure you make it clear whether it’s a dispute about the administration of your mediation or the mediators conduct or behaviour or both.
  • what you seek by way of a resolution

If the mediator or the office cannot deal with it directly and informally we will acknowledge in writing the receipt of the complaint, promptly. This will inform the complainant that the formal process will be followed and to allow a minimum of 14 days for this to happen.

The procedure is detailed below.

If the client is dissatisfied with the results of the investigation they can appeal their case to the Chair of the Board of Directors, who will in all cases, let them know the outcome of their investigation.

Thereafter if a client remains unsatisfied, a complaint can be made to the Civil Mediation Council but only in limited circumstances and in accordance with the Councils own jurisdiction, rules and procedures.


Stage 1

The Service Director will be responsible for making the initial response to the client in writing/email and for ensuring that full notes are taken and the complaint is recorded fully in the complaints register. This initial response should generally be made within 7 working days of the receipt of the complaint.

The Service Director must decide within two further working days from making the initial response, what form the investigation should take, who should investigate the complaint and who is responsible for communicating with the client.

Where a complaint is about the Service Director then the Chair of the Board will undertake the investigation and advise the client accordingly.

The Service Director will be responsible for tracking progress of all complaints and expressions of dissatisfaction

Stage 2

  • The Service Director (or Chair as appropriate) working with the Senior Commercial Mediator (or the Chair if the complaint is about the Senior Commercial Mediator) will be responsible for identifying the cause of any problem of which a client has complained and ensuring that any unsatisfactory procedure is remedied
  • Methods of complaint investigation include all or some of the following;-
    • Reading Case Files
    • direct contact with the complainant (meetings and telephone calls)
    • Interviewing all staff members and/or the mediator who have relevant information

The Service Director or Chair will be responsible for ensuring that the outcome of any investigation is notified to the complainant in writing/email asap after 14 working days of first receiving the complaint and of ensuring that the member of staff/mediator complained about and the client concerned is notified of the outcome at the same time.

Stage 3

If the client is still dissatisfied after a full investigation by MediationMK they can then be invited to appeal to the Chair of the Board of Directors.

In limited circumstances an appeal can be made to the Civil Mediation Council. Their address is:

Civil Mediation Council
70 Fleet Street
Telephone 07841 017905

The Service Director will be responsible for analysing and reviewing all complaints and presenting a report to the Board Members in April of each year to ensure that the necessary analysis and corrective action have been taken to improve the service.