Privacy Policy

The Data protection Act 2018

We need to tell you about our privacy policy following the introduction of the new data protection law on 25th May 2018 The changes don’t alter how we process your personal information but make it easier for you to find out how we use and protect your information. Your personal information is an important part of the services we provide. For example, it allows us to give you information on mediation and other services we offer, it also allows us to give you notice of appointments, to send you documents which have been created in connection with the services we provide. The fact that the law is changing only builds on what we do today and that is to give your personal information the respect and security it deserves, your personal information is stored on a secure server and we never supply this information to third parties except where we are contractually obliged to outside organisations for example the Legal Aid Agency.



Our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

The privacy of your personal details, whether stored on file or computer, is assured. MediationMK is registered under the Data Protection Act and you are, therefore, entitled to request a copy of any information kept about you in our records. The Legal Aid Agency may require access to our records in order to ensure standards are maintained but only in relation to our family mediation service. Discussions in mediation are treated in confidence

No information is passed to anyone outside MediationMK without your permission.

However, the mediator has an obligation to contact the relevant authorities, if allegations of serious harm or threats of serious harm to a child and/or an adult are made during mediation, and are also obligated to disclose to the authorities the commission of an unlawful act or as required under the Law of England and Wales eg The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (as amended) and/or related Money Laundering Regulations 2007 and any subsequent associated legislation.

You can unsubscribe from our emails or to ask us to delete any incorrect information at any time by contacting us.

Cancellation Policy

Postponement of an arranged mediation

In certain instances, postponement of mediation is inevitable. No fee will apply to a postponed mediation, other than any irrecoverable expenses and work actually carried out prior to notification (e.g. venue cancellation fees, lost time by mediator, travel etc and administration). Such fee will be levied against the postponing party(s) and must be paid before we can rearrange the mediation.

Cancellation of an arranged mediation

MediationMK will charge a fee to the cancelling party(s) to cover costs where a mediation is cancelled as follows:

  1. cancellation 10 or more working days before the mediation was due to take place: no fee shall be payable other than any irrecoverable expenses (such as venue costs etc) incurred. Therefore generally a full refund.
  2. cancellation 5 working days before mediation was due to take place: 50% of the agreed mediation rate fee shall be payable in addition to the irrecoverable expenses (such as venue costs etc) incurred. Therefore generally a partial refund.
  3. cancellation 2 working days before mediation was due to take place: 100% of the agreed mediation rate fee plus the fees for any preparation time actually spent by the mediator shall be payable in addition to the irrecoverable expenses (such as venue costs etc) incurred. Therefore there will be no refund

ADR Offer

So you’ve decided to mediate but still need to persuade the other party to participate? We have drafted, for you, an ADR Offer template explaining the process of mediation and our service, MediationMK. The ADR offer letter informs the other party (or parties) what to expect and the steps they need to take if they also wish to participate in the mediation process to resolve the dispute.

We have made this template downloadable to Word for your easiest convenience. If you have any questions regarding the ADR offer letter then please do not hesitate to contact us, we want this process to be as stress-free as possible for you.

Please email your questions to or phone us on 0333 303 1295

Mediation Fees

We believe our fees are very competitive as they are based on offering a service by way of telephone, online and (for more complex disputes) a formal mediation meeting. This includes initial contact, explaining the process and obtaining details of the dispute, all administration (by email generally), the allocation of a mediator and then arranging the mediation.

Please note that we recognise that sometimes the claim value may not reflect the complexity of the dispute.

The fees quoted are claim value based but we will be happy to consider the complexities of your dispute and, if both parties believe they do not require a long appointment, we can arrange a 1 or 2 hour slot.

These fees are inclusive of mediator reading time and the legal documents before and after the appointment.

If the parties require a face to face mediation meeting we will be happy to quote for this but costs will be added for the travelling time of the mediator and any room/venue charges

Mediation fees are split equally between the parties to reflect the even process.

Please note that mediation fees must be paid a clear 48 hours before the mediation appointment

Complaints Procedure

If you are dissatisfied with any part of the mediation process then we want to understand what has happened and how we can work towards rectifying the situation.

In the first instance we request you should talk to your mediator to discuss the issue to allow the mediator to try and resolve your complaint to your satisfaction.

However if this is not possible for whatever reason (eg if it relates to the conduct of the mediator) then please email Martin Ellis the Service Director for MediationMK on:

You can also telephone on 01908 231293 (This is the administration office for MediationMK not a direct line to Mr Turner) but we would require any verbal complaint to be followed up in writing or an email.

Please put in the subject line of any email “Complaint-ADR Mediation”

To help us to investigate your complaint, we need to know whether the complaint relates to the administration of the mediation appointment or regarding the conduct of the mediator. Please set out clearly what your complaint is, including the name of the member of staff or mediator, any reference numbers, your preferred contact details and what you seek by way of a resolution.

Alternatively you can write to Mr Ellis at :

 Mr Martin Ellis 
Service Director
Acorn House
371 Midsummer Boulevard
Central Milton Keynes