How we can help you including out of hours contact details

November 25, 2020 4:13 pm

OUT OF OFFICE DETAILS – if our office is closed please contact our family mediators; Louise on 07702 680211 or via, or Laura on Louise or Laura will respond to you as soon as they can.

LEGAL AID – Legal aid is available for family mediation if you are claiming benefits, such as universal credit. This means our services are free to both parties in a mediation, not just the person claiming benefits. Please contact us on 01908 231293 or for further details.

MENTAL HEALTH – we understand that you may be dealing with many issues right now which may be affecting your mental health, especially family disputes, so please remember we may be able to help you to resolve family disputes that are worrying you.

CHRISTMAS – we know how difficult the Christmas and New Year period can be when one parent lives away from their children, let alone during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown making everything more complicated. Please let us know if you are finding it difficult to make arrangements to see your children, and we will see what we can do to help.

Our office is open but our staff are part furloughed, so that Mediation MK can claim funds to stay financially solvent and so continue to serve our clients. This means that we may take longer to respond to enquiries than pre lockdown, but all enquires are noted and we will respond to you. We appreciate your patience during these difficult times.

Best wishes,

Martin Ellis, Service Director, Mediation MK