Family Case Studies

Penny and David: Difficult issues to resolve (names changed to protect confidentiality)

When Penny and David’s 12-year marriage acrimoniously fell apart, David moved out leaving Penny and their three children – all aged under 10 – in the family home. When they came to us, they had to decide on two key issues. First, how and when would David see the children? Second, how could they stretch their finances over two separate households to keep the children at the same schools? If this wasn’t affordable and Penny and the children would have to consider moving, what would their plan B look like?

This is difficult when you are in an emotional or adversarial position. The independent mediator provided calm, non-judgemental and confidential facilitation of those essential conversations. Our mediator gave Penny and David the neutral ‘sounding board’ to begin to understand each other better and come to agree the solutions to their issues, with the well being of the children always central to the process.

The mediator produced a written agreement for them. While this is not itself legally binding, Penny and David’s document was reviewed by their solicitors and formed the basis of an agreement in court during the divorce proceedings. In this way, our expertise helped them visualise a new future and make it a practical reality.

“I was so grateful to have a mediator who listened to my story and accepted what I said. Mediation hasn’t always been easy but it has been quicker and cheaper than doing it all through the court.”

Penny, Mediation MK client