If you are dissatisfied with any part of the mediation process then we want to understand what has happened and how we can work towards rectifying the situation.

In the first instance we request you should talk to your mediator to discuss the issue to allow the mediator to try and resolve your complaint to your satisfaction.

However if this is not possible for whatever reason (eg if it relates to the conduct of the mediator) then please email us the Service Director for MediationMK on:


You can also telephone on 01908 231293 (This is the administration office for MediationMK) but we would require any verbal complaint to be followed up in writing or an email.

Please put in the subject line of any email “Complaint-ADR Mediation”

To help us to investigate your complaint, we need to know whether the complaint relates to the administration of the mediation appointment or regarding the conduct of the mediator. Please set out clearly what your complaint is, including the name of the member of staff or mediator, any reference numbers, your preferred contact details and what you seek by way of a resolution.

*This Complaints Proceedure is for Civil / Commercial Mediation and not applicable for Family Mediation.

Alternatively you can write to us at :

 Service Director 
 Acorn House
 371 Midsummer Boulevard 
 Central Milton Keynes 
 MK9 3HP


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