Mediation MK – commerical/civil/community/workplace mediations – complaints procedure

If you are dissatisifed with any part of the mediation process, we suggest that you discuss your concerns with the mediator responsible, to give them an opportunity to resolve the issue informally.

If it is not possible to resolve the matter informally, please contact the Service Director at Mediation MK via Our complaints process is;

1. All complaints will be acknowledged in writing within 5 working days of receipt

2. All complaints will be investigated and responded to within 21 working days of receipt. The procedure may specify that on occasions further time may be required, in which case the complainant should be notified of this in writing.

3. The investigation will be carried out by the Service Director, or the Chair of Mediation MK if the mediator compalined about is the Service Director.

4. You will receive a written reply from the Service Director or Chair. If the response from the Service Director is not satisfactory, the matter can be referred to the Chair of Mediation MK for an appeal.  The Chair will have 21 working days to respond to you in writing.

5. If the response is not accepted the complainant can appeal to the CMC on certain grounds, and provide details of how to do this. Details of the CMC’s appeal processes can be found here:


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