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Reached a ‘brick wall’?

Have you reached a ‘brick wall’ as separated parents?

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Separation affects children in many ways. Take a look at the following video to see the views of some young people

Rachel's Poem

Want to make a difference?

Our team at MediationMK take our client feedback seriously. We strive to provide client led services in a tailored and holistic way in answer to our feedback received. This means that we work from the root up - if a plant has damaged roots, it is unlikely that it will thrive.

We hold regular focus groups in answer to our direct client voices and welcome all those who are experiencing difficulties in respect of relationship breakdown, including children and young people. These are held in the form of meetings where there is the provision of a safe space with refreshments for you to discuss any issues. Experts and professionals from our partner agencies will be in attendance to offer support and advice.

We hold separate groups for children and young people and adults/carers, but are normally held on the same day.

To register for our next group please email You will be provided with an option sheet for you to provide an idea of your current situation.

We look forward to hearing from you.