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MediationMK are family mediators, who are trained to work with couples whose relationships have broken down. Our mediators come from professional backgrounds such as law and healthcare.

If you are separating or divorcing, family mediation can help you sort out disputes without the extra pressure of having to pay big legal fees and going to court.

Mediation is not about trying to get you back together. It’s about helping you both and your children after you have decided to separate

It can also help when you have already separated and need to sort something out between you for example whether it’s about where the children are going to live in the future or your finances. The law says that you must consider whether mediation can help before you can take your case to court.

What happens in mediation?

The first meeting is between you and the mediator, giving you a chance to find out how mediation works. This meeting is called a Mediation Information and Assessment meeting or MIAM for short. The mediator first discusses your financial position and whether or not you can get legal aid. This will mean mediation will be free. Then you have a chance to explain your issues in complete confidence. Mediators are trained to work out whether mediation is right for you and your family and to decide if a joint meeting with your ex-partner would be beneficial. He or she will have their own separate confidential meeting and nothing discussed by either party is disclosed. This session usually takes about an hour.

After the first meeting a joint mediation meeting will be arranged providing both of you are prepared to proceed. In certain circumstances it is possible to have mediation in separate rooms.

You and your ex-partner explain your concerns to each other and what you think needs to happen in the presence of the independent mediator. The mediator can help you both come to an agreement. Mediation puts both of you in control of the outcome rather than a judge imposing their decision on you. When an agreement is reached, your mediator can provide you with a written summary, so everyone is clear about what has been decided. You can ask the court to make the agreement legally binding if both you and your ex-partner agree.

Contact MediationMK when you need help sorting out arrangements. You might be referred to us by a solicitor or come to us through a recommendation but you do not have to see a solicitor first.

We have offices in Central Milton Keynes and Northampton, but it might also be possible in appropriate circumstances to offer you flexible arrangements such as mediation by phone or skype.