MediationMK for separating couples
For couples and families

Who are We?

MediationMK, an organisation which has been operating for more than 25 years with offices in Milton Keynes and Northampton .

The team in Milton Keynes is headed up by our Service Director Paul Turner. The Office Manager is Shirley Welborn who works with our two administrators Jenny Lawrence and Hazel Noël. Our mediators are Jane Jeavons, Kerry Dover and Louise Carrington-Dye. The Professional Practice Consultant is Lesley Allport.

Our primary role is to provide a mediation service for adults in Milton Keynes and Northampton. Our service can help if your relationship has broken down and you need to sort out practical issues such as:

  • Arrangements for children
  • Child maintenance payments
  • Sharing finances (e.g. house, savings, pension)
  • Dealing with any debts.

Our services are free to those who are eligible for Legal Aid. Fees apply for all others, assessed according to income levels.

Family disputes that are resolved through mediation are cheaper, quicker and less acrimonious than those that are settled through the Courts.

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('Legal Aid and mediation for those involved in family breakdown')