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Civil & Commercial

Where you have a civil dispute, eg it may involve a money claim, negligence, breach of contract, personal injury, there are three “tracks” which are offered by the Court: Small Claims for disputes under £10K, Fast Track for disputes between £10K and £25K and Multi-Track for disputes above £25K. The “pre action protocols” (the rules which the Court expects parties to a dispute to follow before starting a court case) invariable talk about using Alternate Dispute Resolution and there is an expectation from the Courts that parties would have attempted mediation.

Our mediation aims to resolve disputes within a day, saving time, money and keeps the outcome in your hands.

Workplace Disputes

Disputes in the workplace can be many and varied, whether it’s between employee and line manager, between employees, bullying, harassment, health and safety the list can be endless. The involvement of an independent and qualified mediator can add considerably to the chances of a successful resolution and avoid the expense of Employment Tribunals. The Acas Code of Practice (which tribunals are legally required to take into account) refers to using mediation. Whether you are an employer, HR professional or an employee, we can assist.


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What is Mediation?


Mediation is a voluntary informal process where both the parties have control over the outcome. Mediators are totally impartial which means that they will facilitate the mediation whilst maintaining a neutral role – neither party will be forced into an agreement.

The process is entirely confidential and so is the outcome, which can be drawn up as a legal document or remain as a signed up informal agreement.

Why choose mediation?

  • Flexible – An appointment is arranged around the availability of the parties, this can take place over the telephone, Skype/Facetime or email.
  • Voluntary – The parties have control over the process, rather than having a decision imposed on them by a court or arbitrator.
  • Focus – The aim of mediation is to reach a binding settlement agreement between the parties, bringing the dispute to an end.
  • Quick – Unlike litigation, mediation appointments can be arranged swiftly, providing both parties are available. Our process of allocating a mediator to your appointment ensures that there are no delays.
  • Cost effective – Fees are significantly lower than the litigation process.

Our Mediators

Paul Turner

  • Title: Service Director
  • Email:
  • Tel: 01908 018930

Joanne Simms

  • Title: Senior Commercial Mediator
  • Email:
  • Tel: 07872 584266

Chris Makin

  • Title: ADR Consultant
  • Email:
  • Tel: 01924 495888

Paul Turner

Paul qualified as a solicitor in 1993 and was appointed to the Law Society Children and Family Law panels (as was). Paul has been mediating in excess of 20 years both in family and commercial disputes as an accredited mediator of the ADR Group, The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, The Family Mediators Association and the Legal Services Commission LSC (now the LAA). Paul was a former director and trustee of the Family Mediators Association and was one of the first 10 mediators in the UK to be accredited by the LSC and was the first in the UK to be authorised to provide family mediation services supported by Legal Aid to the public.

Paul was the Head of Commercial Dispute Resolution at the ICAEW (The Professional Body for Chartered Accountants) dealing with commercial disputes between firms and clients and also held the position of senior manager of the conciliation department dealing with complaints. While at ICAEW, Paul created high profile mediation services with senior lawyers such as Lord Wolf, Sir Philip Otton and Cherie Booth together with partners of the Big 4 Accountancy practices. Paul was also the Chair of a working group consisting of the CBI, Civil Mediation Council, Federation of Small Businesses and the British Chamber of Commerce reporting direct to the Justice Minister for the purposes of developing a Business Dispute Resolution Commitment for the FTSE 250. 

Joanne Simms

Joanne was trained by CEDR and set up the HMCTS East Midlands Small Claims Mediation Service in 2005. She has mediated in excess of 1000 cases with a 98% settlement rate. Her mediation experience has been primarily telephone and online and she has developed techniques that she has shared with other mediators. 

Joanne left the Civil Service and set up her own Small Claims Mediation Practice, she quickly established herself as a leading modern mediator and embraced ODR ( Online Dispute Resolution). 

  • She has presented and spoken at the World Mediation Summit in Madrid and the Mediation Symposium.
  • She contributed to the report for UK Online Courts and has been referenced in a number of articles and publications.
  • She has won awards for innovation and mediation champion at the National Mediation Awards three years running. 
  • Joanne spoke and gave evidence at the All Party Parliamentary Group on ADR. 
  • Joanne ensured that her business was the first mediation service certified by CTSI for the purposes of the EU ADR Directive. 
  • Her passion and enthusiasm for mediation is infectious, believing wholeheartedly in the process for resolving disputes.

Chris Makin

Chris Makin is a chartered accountant with vast experience, firstly as a general practitioner and for the last 30 years as a forensic accountant and expert witness. Previously National Head of Litigation Support in a national firm, he continues to use his talents as forensic accountant on the most challenging assignments, and he also practises civil and commercial mediation – his first love – with expert determinations for good measure

Chris acts as forensic accountant and expert witness in many cases including civil, family and criminal cases, as well as professional tribunals and public enquiries. He is equally comfortable acting for the Claimant/Applicant as for the Defendant/Respondent, or as Single Joint Expert and mediator